SIR Staff


Executive Director—Susan E. Sedory Holzer, MA, CAE

Meetings and Education

Assistant Executive Director for Meetings, Education,
    Corporate Relations and Member Services—Erica Holland
Director, Education Products and Services—Jennifer Rowley
Manager, Educational Offerings—Michelle Tanglao Neimeyer
Professional Education and Certification Coordinator—Bethany S. Kohut
Director, Governance and Engagement—Caitlin Couture
Director, Meeting Operations—Molly S. Barlow, CAE, CMP
Meetings Manager, Program Logistics—Katie Tobin
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator—Tori Cox

Communications, Publications and Marketing

Senior Director of Communications, Publications and Marketing—Cheryl Sadowski
Director, Publications—Brian Haefs
JVIR Assistant Managing Editor—Elena Coler
Senior Manager, Communications and Public Relations—Elise Castelli
Senior Manager, Web and Content Strategy—Ellen S. Acconcia
Production and Creative Services Specialist—Sara Suttle

Reimbursement and Health Policy

Senior Director for Health Policy and Quality—Elizabeth Willson
Director of Reimbursement and Hospital Affairs—Robert White
Director of Government and Policy Affairs—Douglas Huynh
Senior Manager of Guidelines and Intersociety Affairs—Debbie Katsarelis
Manager of Reimbursement and Practice Development—Debbie Ramsburg

Research (SIR Foundation)

Executive Director, SIR Foundation, and
    Assistant Executive Director for Research—Carolyn Strain, MA, MS
Director of Development—Terrianne Zeifman
Development Manager—Becca Ginns
Senior Manager of Clinical Research—Eleanore Hernandez Moye, MS, CCRP, PMP
Director of Quality and Outcomes—Tresha Russell
Program Manager, Quality and Outcomes & Research Awards—Audrey Ford

Information Technology

Director, Information Technology—Craig Blouir, MCSA, PMP

Corporate Relations and Development (SIR)

Manager, Exhibits and Corporate Support—Susie Evenden
Corporate Relations Associate—Christian Lopez

Member Services and Graduate Medical Affairs

Director, Membership and Graduate Medical Affairs—Joy Gornal
Coordinator, Graduate medical Affairs—Jennifer Goubeaux
Member Services Associate—Shaun Singletary

Finance and Administration

Senior Director of Finance and Administration for SIR and SIR Foundation—Jeff Nielsen
Staff Accountant—Ji-Youn Lee
Human Resource and Office Specialist—Shivane Sharma
Receptionist—Bertina Hurtt