SIR Historical Resources

Past Presidents

See the past leaders of SIR.

SIR's Current Fellows (updated 2016)

See this year's newly-elevated Fellows.

SIR's Founding Fellows

Review the founding Fellows.

SIR Award Recipients

Past recipients of the Pioneer in Interventional Radiology Award, Gold Medalists, Dr. Charles T. Dotter Lecturers, and Dr. Gary J. Becker Young Investigator Award Winners are listed.

SIR Annual Meeting Locations

Find a list of past locations of SIR's Annual Meetings.

SIR's 20th Anniversary

Journey through the history of IR and the Society in these panels (2,106KB), which were displayed during the Society's 20th Annual Scienitific Meeting anniversary celebration.

SIR's 25th Anniversary

Read about the Society's growth and changes over the years:

Society of Cardiovascular Radiology History

Learn about the early years of cardiovascular SIR's development.

History Trivia

Test your knowledge of SIR.