Interventional Radiology Museum

The Interventional Radiology Museum was established at SIR headquarters in 1998. In conjunction with the Society's 25th anniversary, devices, photos, books, and materials were collected from a variety of donors and sources. Some materials are on loan from SIR physicians and corporate members. Many of the materials are on display in the SIR history cases. All items are being catalogued with assistance from the SIR History Task Force. In the future, these items will be photographed for viewing on the SIR Web site.

New items in SIR Museum collection

First course brochure

Thanks to SIR Member Douglas Smith, M.D., FSIR, the collection now has a copy of SIR’s first Annual Course Brochure. It is interesting to note that Dr. Charles Dotter was on the meeting faculty and the room rate was $46 per day.




First annual course booklet

The collection includes a recently-located copy of SIR’s First Annual Course Booklet, donated by SIR Founding Fellow Morton Bosniak, M.D., FSIR. The meeting featured Dr. Charles Dotter on the faculty.







Donations to the IR Museum

SIR welcomes donations that will ensure the innovative history of the specialty is preserved. If you would like to make a donation, email Tricia McClenny or Debbie Katsarelis at the SIR Office.